An ecosystem
to scale.

We are an independent company specialized in impact with the potential to scale.


Enable the potential of every organization to create solutions for the greatest challenges of our planet.


Combining the power of business, science and technology.


Create products that generate positive impact.

Clear principles
to focus on.

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Specialists in solving global challenges.

We are a team of specialists in global problems and positive impact. We are dreamers, entrepreneurs and corporate activists who deeply believe in progress and change.

Specialists in solving global problems

We combine people specialized in business, design or technology with experts from different backgrounds with experience solving global problems.

The combination and heterogeneity of our team is key for creating positive impact.

Potential to scale.

We are supported by Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies helping their clients at the core of their business and operations.

Being part of this ecosystem allows us to use all the technological potential and capabilities of the company, to work with clients across different sectors and to incorporate experts in technology and business across different industries.

This partnership will maximize the impact generated by the company focusing on scalable solutions and not on individual interventions.

Working with different organizations.

The planet is our only client. However, helping our client is a profitable investment for every organization.

We are creating an open ecosystem with different stakeholders to drive systemic solutions:

  • Private companies.
  • International institutions.
  • Governments.
  • NGOs and associations.
  • Social and impact entrepreneurs.
  • Investors and philanthropy.
  • Sectoral association.
  • Media.
  • Scientific institutions and universities.
  • Civil society.