The planet is our only client.
The Overview Effect

is a cognitive change of consciousness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight.

After observing our planet from the universe, they feel an obligation and responsibility to take care of that fragile blue dot forever.
Term coined by Frank White
The Overview Effect - Astronaut

We enable the potential of every organization to create solutions for the greatest challenges of our planet.

Crafting solutions for Positive Impact

Icon New Business

New business models with positive impact

If we place positive impact as the axis of value generation in a new business model, the greater the income, the greater the impact.

Icon Impact Culture

Culture of Impact

Although a company's culture is invisible, its impact can be seen and felt. Training, events and incentive design to integrate sustainability into everyday life.

Icon Strategy

Impact Strategy

The essence of strategy is choosing what to do, but even more importantly, what not to do. Setting priorities, charting a clear path, and making commitments.

Icon Measurement

Measurement and transparency

To amplify impact, it is necessary to define and monitor relevant indicators, communicate them robustly to all stakeholders and avoid greenwashing.

We created our own methodology aimed at solving the most urgent challenges of our planet by addressing four missions.


Equitable and regenerative food system


New circular and fair models in the textile sector


Finance for inclusion and social impact


Fair energy system for people and territories

Potential to scale.

We're an independent company that is supported/backed by the Indra Group, one of the leading global technology and consulting firms.
Being part of this ecosystem allows us to use technology to scale our high impact solutions and maximize business value and positive impact.


Global scale and multiple technological capabilities.


Tailor-made digital products with agile methodologies.

The Overview Effect

Specialized team in innovation for postive impact.

Do you want to know the value we can bring to your company through positive impact innovation?