Our vision and tools.

We share our vision to solve global problems.

This space is a place to delve into the different challenges of our planet, be inspired by products and services that already generate a positive impact, and share tools to put the positive impact mentality into practice.

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Impact Levers

Based on the evolution of indicators behind the Sustainable Development Goals, we have created our own methodology to focus on solving the most urgent problems of our planet.
Our six impact levers are led by experts in the different global problems, who connect these challenges with different organizations to have a positive impact together.
Social Equity Mission.

Social equity.

Guaranteeing basic rights and equal opportunities for all individuals, specially those living under conditions of vulnerability.
Health & Well-being Mission.

Health & well-being.

To increase life expectancy by improving universal access to health and promoting well-being.
Prosperity Mission.


Promote a sustainable economic system where everyone has the opportunity to prosper.
Circular Economy Mission.

Circular economy.

Redefine the production system detaching social progress from a greater material footprint.
Sustainable Cities & territories mission.

Sustainable cities.

Make cities a sustainable place to live guaranteeing an inclusive urbanization process.
Climate & Biodiversity Mission.

Climate & biodiversity.

Reduce the negative effects of climate change and protect natural ecosystems and biodiversity.