Redefining what investing means.

An emotional experience when investing that puts impact at the heart of the decision-making. A digital investment experience that puts impact at the heart of the decision-making.


Despite major advances made in the integration of sustainability into investment decisions, the experience is still very much profit-driven rather than impact-driven. People looking to invest impactfully are wary of the information they find and are incapable of knowing the actual impact their investment will have.


Kiri is a product that provides people with an investment experience that has been designed and conceptualised to allow them to live and feel the positive impact of their investment. The product aggregates different projects with a social and an environmental impact and provides the consumer with an interactive investment experience. Thanks to Kiri, investors can know the actual impact of their investments in addition to getting a financial return.

An emotional experience when investing

The investment world has moved from a mindset focused on profitability and risk to one centred on profitability, risk and impact. The sustainability of the destination of capital has been integrated as an additional investment variable.

The investment experience, however, is still designed just from a perspective of profitability. People who want to invest and have an impact at the same time are confronted with sustainability risk analyses, certifications and ESG ratings that are far removed from their intention and their idea of what actual impact means.

Thanks to Kiri, investors will be able to ensure that their money goes to companies where impact is at the heart of their business model and actually know the contribution to the world they have made with their investment.

Reaching the customer and consumer of the future

The shift in the investment world towards sustainability is driven by the young generations. These generations are becoming more financially robust and receiving a transfer of capital from future generations.

With this financial capacity, it is clear for these generations that their investment must have a social and an environmental return beyond mere profit.

Kiri was conceived to meet this demand and help financial institutions to get closer to what will become their generations of future consumers in the coming years.

Capitalising on consumption trends and patterns

The growth of streaming platforms and social media has created consumption patterns in society that are characterised by instantaneity, fast consumption and constant evaluation and feedback.

With Kiri, we learn from these trends to provide investors with an experience where they can interact with the project to which they allocate their capital in an experiential and intuitive way.