Fostering coexistence between the Iberian wolf and livestock.


In an increasingly polarized society, the conflict between farmers and environmentalists continues to escalate. Farmers face growing price pressures and vulnerability of their livestock. Additionally, demographic challenges in rural areas and the lack of generational succession hinder their competitiveness in international markets.

On the other hand, environmentalists advocate for the wolf, a crucial species for the natural ecosystems of Northern Spain. The wolf has experienced rapid repopulation in Spain, with an estimated population between 1,500-2,500 individuals. However, illegal hunting, especially targeting alpha wolves, destabilizes packs and drives other wolves to seek easier prey like domestic livestock.


A digital product based on Artificial Intelligence that measures wolf presence and identifies potential risks. This solution streamlines deterrent measures and demonstrates to society the value of coexistence between wolves and livestock.

There is no radical solution; hence, the priority is to ensure coexistence between livestock farming and the Iberian wolf. Striving for a balance between economic development and nature conservation involves transitioning from a compensation model to a prevention model. This aims to provide incentives for the livestock sector to keep the Iberian wolf alive.

A solution with tangible value for four key stakeholders.

• The Wolf:

Helps protect wolves, restore pack structure disrupted by illegal hunting, regulate diseases, remove carrion, and positively impact natural ecosystems.Private Sector and

• Farmers:

Enables anticipating wolf attacks and protecting livestock with precise information and deterrent measures. Reduces economic uncertainty by avoiding reactive compensation models and contributes to biodiversity balance.

• Science and Research:

Provides a wealth of data for studying and better understanding the animal for its protection.

• Governments and Public Administrations:

Facilitates more efficient measures implementation, allocation of subsidies based on reduced losses from wolf attacks, and contributes to tourism attraction.

Technology-based solution with various features

• Risk Map:

Identifies potential livestock attack risks by combining local public data, sensory inputs, predictions using AI, and farmer feedback forms.

• Recognition and Monitoring of Deterrent Measures:

Recommends deterrent measures to farmers based on risk scenarios. Provides an installation kit to measure the effectiveness of these techniques in deterring wolves.

• Coexistence Assurance:

Allows farmers to demonstrate to consumers that their products come from areas coexisting with wolves.

• Knowledge Generation through Data Combination:

Integrates various data sources accessible to stakeholders to generate intelligence in wolf protection and better understand the animal's behavior.

A model combining various data sources to generate intelligence.

Wolf Presence and Distribution: Detects wolf presence in an area using trap cameras and image recognition AI algorithms.

Historical Attacks: Records historical and ongoing data on wolf attacks on livestock, attack locations, types of livestock targeted, and damage extent.

Ecosystem Health: Geospatial data on ecosystems in operational areas highlighting relevant parameters like natural prey presence, species diversity, diseases, fires, or local agricultural production.

Wolf Diet: Analyzes current wolf diets through local associations conducting wolf feces analysis to understand their dependence on livestock for food.

Local Livestock Types: Registers farmers, their livestock types, scale, implemented techniques, historical attacks, locations, and herd sizes.

Efficiency of Deterrent Techniques: Tracks deterrent techniques used by farmers alongside wolf presence and attacks to monitor effectiveness and optimize technique allocation.

Lucidum.AI, developed by The Overview Effect, aims to foster coexistence between the Iberian wolf and livestock in Spain.

If you are a livestock farmer or private company in the food sector, Public Administration entity or involved in science, technology & research aiming to create business value and positive impact with the Iberian wolf – let's make this project a reality!