Integrating impact right from product design.

Helping companies in different industries to anticipate the impact their product design decisions will have on sustainability.
Integrating impact right from product design.


Many companies from different industries have a large global portfolio of products and make design and modification decisions about them on an almost daily basis. Their design areas, however, do not know how changes in product-related decisions will affect the company’s sustainability. In other words, information on sustainability is not factored in in these decisions.


A tool that enables the impact on decarbonisation of different decisions associated with the design of a product to be simulated. With Positive, companies can carry out simulations and anticipate the impact their changes will have on raw materials, packaging, logistics and other stages of the value chain.

Accessible knowledge beyond the sustainability areas

Organisations find it hard to make sustainable decisions because the technical knowledge of environmental or social matters is in the hands of specialists and sometimes far removed from the decision makers.

With the help of Positive, we aim to make decisions on sustainability accessible to everyone within an organisation. The product allows decisions to be made in product design processes and the impact these changes will have on the environment foreseen without the need for expertise in this field.

This functionality allows the sustainability areas to be freed up from supporting the design people and encourages the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Integrating impact right from product design.

The ambition to create regenerative products

Our vision with Positive is to help to make products that have a positive impact and contribute to regeneration, something that goes far beyond making responsible products.

With this in mind, simulations not only allow decisions for bringing the environmental impact of products down to zero to be made but also enable them to become regenerative.

This data-tested vision could help products stand apart for consumers who are increasingly demanding in terms of sustainability.

Integrating impact right from product design.

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